Sketchrender offers many services, below are the main services.

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Solar Analysis / Shadow Study

Solar Analysis / Shadow Study

We offer a full report on Solar Analysis and Shadow Study of the proposed developments.

Shadow studies illustrate the shadows cast by a proposed development at any time of the year. Most requested times are December 21st, March 21st and June 21st at 9am, 12 noon and 3pm. These are the Winter and Summer solstice and the spring Equinox. They cover the full spectrum of shadows that will be cast .

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This is a service that we offer and enjoy the process and the journey with clients of making their ideas comes to life. We work from sketches to Cad, or from BIM models.It can be carried out from early concept to final planning images. Our background in architecture and passion for art and design has helps us win some of our biggest clients, who keep coming back. 

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Montages and Verified Photo-montages

Montages and Verified Photo-montages are used by planning consultants and architects as part of a Visual Impact Assessment document submitted when required for planning. Surveying levels to an accuracy of 100mm is required and Full Frame photographs are required to fulfill the required set out by the planning authority.